ELATION! was formed in August 1999 for youths ages 12 through 19 and has shared “GODSPELL” with more than 150 congregations in 32 states and Canada during the past 18 years.

All cast members have both singing, dancing and speaking roles to help tell the parables from the Gospel of Matthew in “GODSPELL.” The musical drama of the life of Christ is understood by the youths to be their means of conveying the message of Jesus Christ.

As a result of the young people's sincerity, "GODSPELL” becomes a significant worship event!

For details on ELATION! contact Alan Hobbs.


  1. We thoroughly enjoyed having the Elation Group at our church doing Godspell. Those who housed them, had a wonderful time learning about life on the road, how they got started with Elation and sharing about our area of southwest Florida.

    Christ United Methodist Church, Lehigh Acres, Florida.

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