Thursday, June 1, 2017

With Hearts Afire!

Pentecost – traditionally considered the "birthday" of the Christian Church – occurs this coming Sunday, June 4. There will be a special focus on this holy day of the Christian year during Sunday's worship. One easy way to join in the festivities: Wear something red, the traditional color of Pentecost to signify the mystical "flames" seen above the believers' heads.

To understand the meaning of this day more deeply, read Acts 2: 1-21 in the Holy Bible. Imagine the scene: A rush of wind, a babble of voices, and then the Apostle Peter quoting from the Old Testament Book of Joel: sons and daughters will give witness, the young will see visions, and the old will dream. How could St. Stephen give witness to the love of God we profess in these troubled times? What visions do our young people have, and are we listening to them? What dreams do our longtime members have for our beloved community, and how can they be accomplished?

Pentecost is time of looking backward to the traditions we've inherited, and forward to the future we hope to have. Let's come together at 10:50 a.m. Sunday, June 4, to remember, and to receive energy to move into the future.

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