Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let's Chat about Our Church Visuals

Do you sit in church looking at the hangings on the wall, pulpit and niche and wondering about them? Why are they there? Why do the colors change? Who hangs them? Aren't some of them tired and faded? Can we have new ones? 

The Worship Committee is inviting a group of interested persons to form an "umbrella" group to discuss and reevaluate our use of liturgical hangings.  We feel it is time to reassess, particularly now that we have the electronic screens.  From this group, we hope to come up with plans for the future that will involve guidance for conforming to the liturgical church year, creation of new pieces as needed and storage/maintenance of existing items.

If you are motivated to help with this project, please contact Jeanette Benson or Tom Council.  OR-just come to a brief organizational meeting on Sunday, Feb. 19, in the chapel immediately following morning worship.  We would welcome your interest!!

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