Monday, November 7, 2016

How Are We Transforming Lives?

What does it mean when we say that St. Stephen UMC "shares God's unconditional love" with the world around us? Or, put another way, how does sharing God's love make a difference in the lives of our members and the people in our communities?

That's the question we're being asked to consider as we prepare for St. Stephen UMC's annual Charge Conference, which will take place on Nov. 29. This year, our District Superintendent, Rev. Cammy Gaston, is asking all the churches in the Metro District to think about how our congregations and their ministries are bringing change to people's lives.

To help inspire your thinking, the pictures with this post show some of the ways St. Stephen has contributed to our communities. What we'd really like to know is what effects you think this ministries have on other people. Furthermore, what opportunities for service do you see that St. Stephen hasn't addressed yet?

No doubt you can think of many efforts for which we have no images. Whatever you find inspiring, transforming, life-giving about St. Stephen, we hope you'll share it with all of us so that we can be alert to more ways to love God and one another through service.

After you've had a chance to think about the questions, please answer our "transforming" survey on Survey Monkey. Please respond to the survey not later than Nov. 20 so we can collect and prepare the responses for presentation at Charge Conference. Thank you!

Click here to take the Transforming Lives survey!

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