Friday, August 5, 2016

Put on Your Thinking Caps for August Council Meeting!

From Church Council co-chairs Teddi Fulenwider and Tina Simpson, and Pastor Nancy DeStefano:

You might be a United Methodist if….. your life is taken up by volunteering at church.
Seriously, for our small church we are extremely busy and doing a lot of good things. The good news is we have energy and we are doing things. The bad news we have energy and we are doing things but we have a finite, small group of people power.
The Open Forum section of the Church Council meeting on August 14 will be designated to hearing comments/thoughts/feelings about some of the programs or opportunities we currently offer. We need to get a feel for the purpose of each activity and are we accomplishing the purpose we think we are. With our Charge Conference in November now is the time the Nominating committee begins thinking about leaders for different opportunities. Are these opportunities ones we want to continue or do we want to save our energy for other activities? Do we want to revise some of these activities? Do we need to send some of these opportunities back to committees for rethinking?
Here are the opportunities we would love to have your comments on – in no particular order:
Children’s Church
Trunk or Treat
Christmas Family night
Sunday School in the summer
What are your feelings? What are your thoughts? Which is your passion?
The Open Forum will be held at the beginning of the council meeting so that if you do not want to stay for the duration, you may leave.

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  1. This is a great initiative taken by the church community. We should be growing the people power present with us so that much more good things can be done for the society. God bless us all.