Friday, June 24, 2016

Upsetting Rape Culture

St. Stephen UMC has a panel as part of the nationwide Monument Quilt in support of Native Americans' tribal sovereignty to prosecute rape cases that occur on tribal lands. Our panel has been included as block number 253 of The Monument Quilt. As of now, the sponsoring organization, FORCE, plans to display the Monument Quilt on the National Mall in late 2017. Here's the latest report on the tribal sovereignty case:
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Twitter: #SCOTUS will issue ruling in @DollarGeneral case any day now. Here is what's at stake.#ShameOnDollarGeneral

Facebook: Any day now #SCOTUS will rule on the Dollar General case, in what could be the most damaging case for the rights of Native Americans in half a century. Here is whats at stake. #ShameOnDollarGeneral
About the case: In 2003, a 13-year-old boy participated in a youth-opportunity job program. Through the program, the teenager was paid by his tribe, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, to work at a Dollar General store on Tribal Trust land. But something terrible happened: While on the job, the 13-year-old says he was sexually assaulted several times by the store’s manager. His parents brought an action against Dollar General in Tribal Court, seeking monetary compensation for pain and suffering and to cover the youth’s medical and trauma recovery expenses. The retailer retaliated with a lawsuit of its own, arguing that the Mississippi Band of Choctaws should not have jurisdiction over Dollar General, because the corporate giant is non-Indian. So far, two lower US courts have agreed that the tribe does in fact have civil jurisdiction over Dollar General. But now the case is facing the Supreme Court.

If ruled in Dollar General’s favor, the case could make the crisis of sexual violence in Indian country even worse. 

Read more about the case: Indian Country Media Today NetworkIndianz.comThe NationThink ProgressThe New York TimesBitch MediaEveryday FeminismFeministing

The Monument Quilt at the Baltimore Museum of Art

FORCE is a finalist for the 2016 Sondheim Artscape Prize. As finalists, we've installed an exhibition of the Monument Quilt at the Baltimore Museum of Art, on view now through July 31!

THIS SUNDAY, 12-2PM at the Baltimore Museum of Art, FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture and members of the newly formed survivor collective Gather Together will present a performance inspired by the Monument Quilt, followed by an opportunity to create a quilt square and participate in a healing ritual. The performance will feature statements and stories from survivors of rape, abuse and domestic violence.

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