Monday, November 30, 2015

Picture Advent!

St. Stephen UMC members and friends are invited to "Picture Advent" as our devotional observance during this season of preparation for Jesus' birth. The full schedule of daily devotions is described in this chart (click on the chart for a full-size view):

Send your photos to our website email, Photos will be posted as often as they are received.

To get us started, Rev. Nancy DeStefano has submitted this photo as her picture of "hope" accompanied by a meditation from the website:

How do you picture hope? In the midst of the troubles of this world where do you find God's hope? Consider this reflection from Sacred Space:

We are here for a project so audacious that something within us finds it hard to believe: we are here to transform ourselves and our world. If we cannot believe this, it is because we have downsized our beliefs. It is our greatness rather than our littleness that intimidates us. But hope can heal us, for hope unsettles us with the passionate unrest that propels us toward great things, and it is imagination that gives us the entrance ticket into the hope-filled world of possibility. We can hope in God, for God is the true fulfillment of everything for which we long and desire. God promises us that the best is yet to come.

How will you picture Advent this year?

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